NURS5367 MDC Developing a Comprehensive Plan to Overcome Barriers to Implementing Fall Prevention Interventions and Medication Adherence Strategies at The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Questions Nursing Assignment Help

Develop a plan to overcome barriers.  Your plan should be clear and specific. Another person should be able to read your plan and replicate it.

Discuss with colleagues.

  • Describe the anticipated barriers to the change process in your institution (or wherever the change will be implemented). Include the organization’s culture, its’ reaction to change, and your leadership role for a change. 
  • (My organization is The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami, FL and my role is Nurse manager for chemo infusion).  
  • Identify the stakeholders for the change in practice you have chosen for your EB project. 

(My EB project Picot is: In elderly patients at risk of falls, does the implementation of fall prevention interventions combined with medication adherence strategies (I) compared to fall prevention interventions without medication adherence strategies or standard care (C) lead to a reduction in fall rates and improved medication adherence (O) over a 6-month period (T)?)

  • Please use the Barriers Form to complete this assignment. 
  • (For your use, there is a form below.)

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