MRU Financial Technology Project Proposal Nursing Assignment Help

General information

Identify a Technology Project pertinent to their practice environment.

This project as a whole Part I and II , must include:

Executive Summary; Description of Project;

Rationale Topic chosen;

Research-supported by evidenced based recent literature; 

Project Clinical Goals & Objectives;

Market/Financial Project Analysis;

Plan for Evaluation;

Plan for Alternative Assumptions & Strategies.

Include how this project is applicable to the present Healthcare system in terms of the issues of healthcare access, quality & cost. Include 2 MSN Essentials.

The whole project: Minimum 10 pages, double spaced,

 Maximum 15 pages, double spaced, APA format.

Part 2:

Financial Proposal analysis (4 points)

Alternative plan of actions (4 points)

Proposed project plan to include: (8 points)

o Project activities

o Timeline

o Budget

o Evaluation Plan

  • Executive Summary at end of project (4 points)

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