HI 510 PGU Population health and establishing patient health registries Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

You will retrieve and synthesize information and create an oral presentation with a script from the consumer perspective, healthcare perspective, and the administrative perspective on one of the following population health topics:

  • Establishing patient health registries.
  • Acquire electronic external data (i.e., data from outside the HIS).
  • Communicate with patients electronically.
  • Electronically track specific outcomes.

In your presentation, provide a thorough background on your topic. Think about your topic and discuss the challenges and considerations needed regarding:

  • Clinical decision support
  • Care team workflow, and connectivity
    • Organizational issues
    • Identifying a starting point
    • Understanding patient attribution
    • Stratifying patients by risk
    • Hiring or reallocating staff members
    • Getting paid for population health
    • Developing acceptance of new workflows
    • Bolstering patient engagement
    • Coordinating care across the continuum

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