CUNY BC Model for Breast Cancer Among Hispanic Women Outline Nursing Assignment Help

The PEN-3 Model is used to assess the behavioral diversity impacting a culturally specific target population related to a health issue.

In this assignment, you will select a culturally specific target audience and a related health and wellness issue from the literature. For example, you might select diabetes or hypertension among African Americans or breast cancer among Hispanic women. Then you will assess health and wellness influences on the target audience using the domains of the PEN-3 Model.

NOTE: You will use the work completed in the Module 4 assignment in the Module 5 assignment.

  • Create a paper in a Word document for your response. Use APA format.
  • Create a title page and references page in APA format.
  • Follow the steps to complete the assignment.

Step 1. Select the target audience from the literature for the PEN-3 Model assessment.

Step 2. In a Word document, use the domains of the PEN-3 Model to develop an outline of the domains as they relate to the selected target audience and health issue.

Example outline:

  1. Cultural Identity
    1. Person
      1. (You may have as many points as needed.)
    2. Extended Family
    3. Neighborhood
  2. Relationships and Expectations
    1. Perceptions
      1. (You may have as many points as needed.)
    2. Enablers
    3. Nurturers
  3. Cultural Empowerment
    1. Positive
      1. (You may have as many points as needed.)
    2. Existential
    3. Negative

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