West Coast University Week 8 Typical Dental Insurance Discussion

Discussion Prompt 1: Typical dental insurance allows two pediatric dental x-rays annually. Research and discuss whether you think two dental x-rays a year are considered safe for growing children.

Discussion Prompt 2: In theory, flame retardants in furniture and other household items such as draperies could reduce the spread of flames and thus protect people during fires. However, the major category of chemical flame retardants used for this purpose, the polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), has a number of adverse health effects including those on the thyroid gland. If you had to choose between a flame retardant sofa set (with PBDE) and PBDE-free non-flame retardant sofa set, which would you choose? Explain.

Discussion Prompt 3: In this course, you have learned the basics of ethics and law for the healthcare industry. Now that you have a solid foundation of knowledge on the subject, evaluate a healthcare law and its related policies.  Analyze the impacts of these policies on public health and health equity. Provide ethical ramifications for each chosen policy. Include any insights that you gained from your research and postings or from responses of peers or the instructor that helped shape your thinking on these issues.

When you respond to your classmates, thoroughly analyze the examples and evidence cited and expand on their posts by providing your own perspectives.

This discussion forum meets the MPH CEPH Competency #15: Evaluate policies for their impact on public health and health equity. 

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Discussion Prompt 1:
Although dental x-rays are generally safe, the frequency of exposure should be based on the child’s individual needs and risk factors. Two x-rays a year may be too much for some children, while for others, it may not be enough. Some children may require more frequent x-rays due to certain conditions or risk factors like tooth decay or braces. Additionally, advancements in technology have made dental x-rays safer and less invasive. Therefore, a case-by-case evaluation is necessary to determine the appropriate frequency of dental x-rays for children.

Discussion Prompt 2:
As a medical professional, I would choose the PBDE-free non-flame retardant sofa set. While in theory, flame retardants may reduce the spread of flames during fires, the adverse health effects of PBDEs, including their impact on the thyroid gland, cannot be ignored. Long-term exposure to these chemicals has also been linked to developmental delays, fertility issues, and cancer. Therefore, it is better to prioritize the health and safety of individuals in the long term, rather than the potential short-term benefits of flame retardants.

Discussion Prompt 3:
One healthcare law that has a significant impact on public health and health equity is the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA aims to increase access to affordable healthcare for all individuals, particularly those who are uninsured or underinsured. The policy expands Medicaid coverage to low-income adults and requires individuals to have health insurance or face a penalty. The ACA also includes provisions that prohibit insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions and requires coverage for essential health benefits.

The ACA has had a positive impact on public health by increasing the number of individuals with health insurance, improving access to preventative services and screenings, and reducing disparities in healthcare. However, it has also faced criticism and challenges, particularly from those who oppose the individual mandate. Some argue that the penalty for not having insurance is too high, and that healthcare costs are still too expensive for many individuals.

From an ethical standpoint, the ACA aligns with the principles of beneficence and non-maleficence by promoting access to healthcare for all individuals and protecting those with pre-existing conditions. However, it also raises questions about individual autonomy and the government’s role in mandating healthcare. In conclusion, while the ACA has made significant progress in improving public health and health equity, there is still room for improvement and ongoing evaluation.

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