SOCW 200 Northern Virginia Community College Social Work Discussion

This assignment is designed to help you think about how you envision the role of social work in society. Review the Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative from the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare which describes more than a dozen Challenges that address significant societal issues. Choose one of these Challenges that you identify with and use it as the foundation for your statement on the profession of social work and its future. 

Write a brief, 2-page statement (or longer, not including references pages or the cover page) on the role of social work in society, and your expectations and hopes for the future of social work. Describe where you believe the profession of social work will be going in the next five to 10 years, as it pertains to the Grand Challenge you chose, based on relevant information sources in this area. Share how your personal values align (or not) with this Grand Challenge and how they align (or not) with where you believe social work is heading. Support your discussion of this with a rationale and examples, and include how this aligns with professional social work ethics, upon reviewing and citing the NASW Code of Ethics (included with the Segal et al., 2019 text as well as within the NASW website).

It is very important that this statement is grounded in social work ethics and values, as outlined in the Code of Ethics(provided in our textbook in addition to within the link above).

As with each of our assignments, APA formatting is needed (including a cover page, proper formatting, in-text citations within the first and final times you are including information obtained from outside sources within each paragraph, and properly formatted references). Please review the APA resources and previous feedback in Blackboard for further details on this and as always, feel free to reach out with questions about these resources upon reviewing them, as I am happy to help you.

Meanwhile, as shared in our course announcements, I created this template to help you as well (which should look incredibly similar to what you would otherwise create in response to these assignment instructions using APA formatting): 

Template for the Expectations and Hope for the Future of Social Work Assignment_Demonstration of APA as Well.docx




Identification of a Grand Challenge and The Role of Social Work in Addressing It and Future Projections: outlines (a) a projection of where social work is going in five to 10 years, (b) relating to the grand challenge selected, (c) based on (properly cited) relevant research.


Discussion of Hopes and Expectations: Discusses (a) how the student’s values align (or not) with this Grand Challenge and (b) how they align (or not) with where social work is heading, (c) according to available research. (d) Hopes for the future of social work are also discussed. (e) The rationale for this discussion (of personal and professional value alignment, including with regard to the future of social work and personal hopes for the future) are well supported with examples, including on how this relates to social work ethics, citing the NASW Code of Ethics.


Professional Writing: The work is (a) well- and clearly developed, (b) organized (e.g., properly formatted headings are used following the order of the instructions/this rubric), and (c) the work avoids plagiarism and instead uses correct APA in-text and references section citation, is proofread and reflects correct grammar and punctuation (etc.). 




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The assignment is focused on exploring the role of social work in society and the future of the profession based on the Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative from the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare. Students are expected to select one of the challenges and write a 2-page statement (or longer) describing their expectations and hopes for the future of social work based on relevant research and personal values. The statement is required to align with the NASW Code of Ethics and be properly formatted in APA style. The rubric for the assignment includes three standards: identification of a grand challenge and the role of social work in addressing it and future projections, discussion of hopes and expectations, and professional writing. Students can refer to the provided template and APA resources for guidance and should reach out to the professor for any questions.

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