West Coast University Week 3 Equality and Diversity Discussion

For this assignment, you will record and upload a 3- to 5-minute video response.

Recording, Uploading, and Submitting

The Kaltura Desktop Recording tool is available for free to WCU students to assist with recording video assignments. Another software or tool may be used to record your assignment. Completed videos are required to be uploaded to your Kaltura My Media area before they can be submitted in the Blackboard assignment area via Mashups Tool > Kaltura Media.

How much do you know about equity and diversity? Take this quiz to test your knowledge. The results may surprise you.

Click here to access the quiz

Complete the quiz first before you look at the answers.

After you have completed this quiz, review the answers to the questions you missed.

Click here to access the answer key

From the questions you missed, select one of the questions that relates to having a stigma.

For this assignment:

  1. You will create a video response (five minutes or less) using the Kaltura Recording Tool. See “Getting Started with Kaltura” under the Resources section of the menu on the left side of the classroom.
  2. In your video response, tell us your thoughts on the quiz and if anything surprised you. State the question you selected and why.
  3. Discuss the stigma that can be associated with the question you selected.
  4. Explain ways to reduce the stigma from a public health perspective.
  5. Can you explain this stigma using the Social Cognitive Theory?

For the above assignment, don’t do the video write in form of APA paper format with all required answers


Expert Solution Preview

The following APA paper format provides answers to the assignment given to medical college students. The assignment involves taking a quiz on equity and diversity, reviewing the answers, selecting a question related to stigmatization and providing a video response using the Kaltura Recording Tool. The selected question should be discussed in relation to stigmatization from a public health perspective and using the Social Cognitive Theory.

Question: From the questions you missed, select one of the questions that relates to having a stigma.

Answer: The question that relates to having a stigma is question six, “What percentage of gay and bisexual men live with mental health conditions?” The correct answer is 60%.

In relation to stigmatization, being gay or bisexual can be stigmatized, leading to discrimination, harassment, and violence. This stigma can also lead to mental health challenges due to the negative attitudes and beliefs surrounding their sexual orientation. Public health experts can reduce stigmatization against gay and bisexual men by creating awareness, implementing evidence-based interventions, and challenging negative attitudes and beliefs through education.

The Social Cognitive Theory can also help explain stigmatization against gay and bisexual men. This theory suggests that individuals learn behaviors and attitudes based on observation and reinforcement. People with negative attitudes towards gay and bisexual men may have learned them from their social environment, including parents, peers, and media. Therefore, public health experts can use this theory to create awareness, challenge negative attitudes and beliefs, and reinforce positive behaviors towards this group.

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