SOCW6070 Walden University Week 3 Organizational Culture Response

Due 06/12/2019

Respond to at least two colleagues by addressing an example in each colleague’s post in at least one of the following ways:

  • Suggest a strategy for addressing a situation that your colleague described in one of his or her examples.
  • Offer additional thoughts regarding the impact of the interaction described in the example.

Response to Kahle

How a Social Work Administrator’s Personal Leadership Philosophy and Style may Influence a Human Services Organization’s Culture

Northouse (2018) suggested that supervisors are the most significant factors of shaping and incorporating an organizations mission and culture. Leaders are seen as a growth catalyst, and stakeholders follow the footsteps of leaders. The individual’s perspective/assumptions often impact the philosophy and style of administrators. The behaviors a leader utilizes, e.g., controlling or hands-off; significantly affects the organization’s culture and effectiveness. According to Tsai (2011), leadership styles are associated with job satisfaction, productivity, and healthy work environments. As well as echoing and promoting the organizational culture and goals.

How an Organization’s Culture Might Influence a Social Work Administrator’s Personal Leadership Style

Northouse (2018) discussed that individuals have biases and presumptions that impact their leadership styles, and beliefs regarding individuals work ethics. Settings are also influenced by the populations and mission of an organization which can empower employees and promote the organizational culture, and develop change when needed.

How Interactions with Stakeholders may Ultimately Impact the Organization’s Treatment of Clients

Northouse (2018) recommended the significant influences associated with leadership styles and the treatment of consumers. Supervisors are associated with the implementation and maintenance of organizational culture directly influencing client care. Interactions and the expectations of stakeholders contribute to the ethical and respected organization and can significantly disrupt client treatment, staff retention, and networking abilities.


Northouse, P. G. (2018). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (4th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

Tsai, T., (2011). Relationship between Organizational Culture, Leadership Behavior and Job Satisfaction. BMC Health Services Research, 11(1), 98–106.

Response to Hilda

How a Social Work Administrator’s Personal Leadership Philosophy and Style May Influence a Human Services Organization’s Culture.

There are two basic leadership philosophies: Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X includes people who do not like work. They need guidance, and they want trust and responsibility. Theory Y people enjoy work. They are self-starters, and they typically are responsible (Northouse, 2018). Both theories can influence an organization’s culture.

If the organization’s leader’s philosophy is X they always have control of employees. They dictate the workload, rules, and regulations. The employees have little if any say in work performance. The leader feels this type of leadership is needed to produce the best possible outcome for the organization. The culture is very militaristic and is one of structure and discipline. It does not make for a fun work environment.

If the organization’s leader’s philosophy is Y they believe people enjoy work and can work well on their own. Workers love to be responsible for their own actions. The culture has little structure because the worker is trusted to complete work to the best of their ability.

Organization’s Culture Might influence a Social Work Administrator’s Personal Leadership Style.

Every leader needs to aware of their personal leadership style. A leader’s ability to self-identify their leadership style will create a skilled leader (Northouse, 2018). If the organization’s culture is different form the social worker’s leadership style, the social worker may need to change and adjust to better suit the style. The leader of an organization needs to be flexible. The leader’s personal style may need to change to produce the best possible outcome for the organization.

If the social worker’s leadership style clashes with employees, a third leadership philosophy called Theory X can be used. Theory X considers the culture and allows the employees input on decisions (Northouse, 2018). The leader being flexible will provide the best possible outcome for the organization.

Interactions With Stakeholders May Ultimately Impact the Organization’s Treatment of Clients.

The stakeholders have a vested interest in the organization’s success. The objectives of the stakeholders can conflict with the best interest of clients. An example would be the management of organizational cost. The organization’s high social workers to client caseload ratio is one possible conflict. The leader may submit a proposal to increase the social worker’s headcount. The stakeholder’s refusal to approve funding for additional headcount impacts the quality of treatment given to clients.


Northouse, P. G. (2018). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (4th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

Expert Solution Preview

In response to Kahle’s post on the influence of a social work administrator’s personal leadership philosophy and style on an organization’s culture, one strategy for addressing a situation where a leader’s philosophy clashes with the organization’s culture is for the leader to engage in open dialogue with stakeholders and employees. By actively listening to and incorporating the perspectives of those involved, the leader can work towards finding a solution that aligns with everyone’s interests and goals. Additionally, leaders can adopt a flexible leadership style that can adapt to different organizational cultures and changes.

In response to Hilda’s post on the impact of an organization’s culture on a social work administrator’s personal leadership style, it’s important for leaders to understand and recognize their own leadership style, and adjust it accordingly to meet the needs of the organization’s culture and stakeholders. One additional thought is that leaders should also strive to communicate their leadership style and expectations to employees and stakeholders, so that everyone is on the same page and can work together more effectively. This can also help foster a positive work environment and promote trust and open communication among all involved.

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