Module 2 Software Development Project Assignment

Using the attached Written Assignment Template, write a paper which addresses a work project of your choosing by using the tools discussed in Module 2 Competency 3 (pp. 128-144 of the course textbook). You must choose at least one (1) tool to organize the work for the tasks to be accomplished. Make sure you include task assignments and time lines associated with getting the work accomplished. Demonstrate your understanding of planning and coordinating projects through both narratives and tables, charts, diagrams, figures, etc.

Rule-of-thumb when including tables, charts, diagrams, figures: Do not put these in the body of your text if they are more than one-half of your page. Instead, they should be placed in appendices following the Reference page and explained in the body of your paper.

NOTE: The paper should be a 5-7 pages in length (excluding the title page, reference page, and any appendices) and include at least five (5) peer-reviewed, scholarly references.

Click on the “Week Two Assignment” link above to submit your assignment.

Remember to cite/reference all outside works in proper APA style (6th edition).

Expert Solution Preview

The task given to the medical college students is to write a paper using the tools discussed in Module 2 Competency 3, which is related to planning and coordinating projects. The paper must address a work project of their choosing and demonstrate their understanding of organizing work, task assignments, and timelines. The requirement also includes at least one tool to organize the work, narrative, tables, charts, diagrams, figures, etc. The paper should be five to seven pages long and should include at least five peer-reviewed, scholarly references in APA style.

The work project that I have chosen to address is the implementation of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in a hospital. The significant challenge in this project is to transition from a paper-based record-keeping system to a more comprehensive computerized system. To achieve this, we will implement a task-based approach utilizing a Gantt chart to outline the tasks, their dependencies, and the timeline for the project.

The first tool that we will be using is the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). We will use this tool to break down the project into smaller and more manageable activities. The WBS will help us in identifying all the necessary tasks, deliverables, and milestones. The deliverables related to the EMR system project include hardware installation, software procurement, training, data migration, and go-live support. We have further sub-divided these deliverables into various tasks utilizing the WBS.

The second tool that we will use is the Gantt chart, which will help us in scheduling and coordinating the tasks in the project. It will also help us identify any potential overlaps and critical tasks to complete the project on time. The Gantt chart includes the start and end date of each task and any overlapping/dependent tasks. Since the tasks in the EMR system project are sequential, critical path analysis is an important aspect of project scheduling with the Gantt chart.

The project timeline for the EMR system project is six months. The timeline includes tasks such as hardware and software procurement, installation, and configuration, data migration, training, and go-live support. The Gantt chart has been created below to outline the tasks and their dependencies.

Finally, we will record and monitor the progress of the project using the Earned Value Management (EVM) tool. The EVM will help us in tracking the progress of the project, analyzing the schedule and cost variances, and identifying any potential risks.

In conclusion, the EMR system project is a significant undertaking that will require careful planning and coordination to achieve success. By utilizing the WBS, a Gantt chart, and the EVM tool, we will be able to successfully implement the EMR system while ensuring the tasks are completed timely, and the project stays within the budget.

*[Note: Gantt chart, tables, and figures have not been included in this answer due to length restrictions]*

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