Assessment of Healthcare Organization

ASSESSMENT of a Healthcare Organization (See attachment for more Instructions)

Part A) ASSESSMENT of a Healthcare Organization

You must construct a hypothetical health care facility (community hospital, skilled nursing facility, or mental health facility etc). This is base on the components of real facilities. The factors must be realistic. Keep in mind that everything cost. Do not use real names.If you are employed in a heath care facility you may use your place of employment (again, do not use the real name of the facility). You may use any resources available to you in obtaining the following: (Minimum of 1000 words)

  • Size of the facility (number of beds) and the approximate land area that it occupies
  • Type of facility (services provided) (General Hospital, Skill Nursing Facility etc.)
  • Payment type (private, public, non-profit , etc)
  • Organizational type (hierarchy etc.)
  • Culture and climate of the organization
  • Organizational leaders and stakeholders
  • Organizational communication type(Top-down, etc)
  • Location of the healthcare facility and population size (state and local area)
  • Demographics of the area’s population.

Hint: Locate a facility on the internet that is equal in size to the one you are constructing and come in proximity of their makeup.


Once the assessment is completed on a healthcare facility the second step is to identify internal and external threats to the integrity of the organization. In this step you are to identify those issues affecting your organization. Begin with issues impacting all healthcare facilities and then, provide three additional issues that are specific to your facility. Therefore, it becomes prudent to perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.Please cite sources. (Minimum of 500 words)

Part C) APPLICATION of Strategic Plan

You have identified the economic, social, technologic, political and competitive changes impacting your healthcare facility. Now it becomes imperative that you address these issues in order to maintain integrity to your facility.Address the identified threats to your organization utilizing strategic management planning, strategic thinking and managing strategic momentum.Be certain to prioritize threats and include time frames (long range and short range).Utilize the concepts and apply principals of strategic management, from your readings, when developing your plan. Please do not simply restate facts.(Minimum of 500 words)

Expert Solution Preview

As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, it is important to ensure that the assignments designed for students are relevant and practical. The following are answers to an assignment on the assessment of a healthcare organization, including constructing a hypothetical healthcare facility, identifying threats to the organization, and the application of a strategic plan.

Part A: Assessment of a Healthcare Organization
In constructing a hypothetical healthcare facility, it is important to consider the factors that influence real healthcare facilities, ensuring that the factors are realistic and cost-effective. The size of the facility, the type of facility, payment type, organizational type, culture and climate of the organization, organizational leaders and stakeholders, organizational communication type, location of the healthcare facility and population size, and demographics of the area’s population are important factors to consider in constructing a hypothetical healthcare facility. For instance, the size of the facility and the approximate land area it occupies depend on the services provided, such as general hospital, skilled nursing facility, etc.

Part B: Identification of Threats
Once the assessment is completed, the next step is to identify internal and external threats that affect the organization. In this step, it is imperative to identify issues impacting all healthcare facilities and provide three additional issues specific to the facility. Conducting a SWOT analysis helps find out the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats specific to the organization. Identifying these issues provide a clear understanding of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential opportunities and threats. The sources cited in the analysis provide credibility to the findings.

Part C: Application of Strategic Plan
Now that the identified economic, social, technologic, political, and competitive changes impacting the healthcare facility are known, it is crucial to address these issues to maintain the organization’s integrity. Addressing the identified threats to the organization requires using strategic management planning, strategic thinking, and managing strategic momentum. Prioritizing these threats, identifying long range and short-range time frames, and utilizing the concepts and principles of strategic management in the development of the plan ensures that the plan is practical and implementable.

The assessment of a healthcare organization, the identification of threats, and the application of a strategic plan are crucial steps in ensuring the organization’s success. By conducting a SWOT analysis and utilizing strategic management planning, strategic thinking, and managing strategic momentum, healthcare organizations can address the challenges they face and achieve their objectives.

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