Vocational Health Fitness Exercise Therapy

List all the conditions that lead to COPD. List all the medications a client with COPD might be taking along with their effects on exercise. Then research what would be the correct intensity for someone with a mild to moderate level of COPD to exercise at. Design a comprehensive fitness program for someone with COPD. […]

HCS370 Phoenix Week 2 Navigating Employee Groups Worksheet

Justin has been recently hired as a manager at a medical waste management company. Since he is new to the company and has been assigned to work with a diverse group of employees, Justin’s supervisor asked him to develop an analysis and plan for working with his employee group. This task will help Justin understand […]

West Coast University Week 5 foundation of Public Healthcare

Access the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s graphic novella at: Read through Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic. Once you have finished the novella, complete the following assignment: You work in the Emergency Preparedness division of the CDC, and you have been tasked with coordinating your state’s plan for responding to an emergency zombie pandemic. Write […]

MN502 Unit 2 Conceptual Framework Health and Medical Assignment

What is a conceptual framework? A conceptual framework is “a set of relatively abstract and general concepts that address the phenomena of central interest to a discipline, the propositions that broadly describe those concepts, and the propositions that state relatively abstract and general relations between two or more of the concepts” (Butts & Rich, 2018, […]

Patient with Joint Pain and Gait Abnormalities Discussion

You are referred a 275-lb patient with joint pain and gait abnormalities. Provide an aquatic based training program that would be appropriate for the client. Then provide a discussion as to why the program you provided is appropriate for the client. Expert Solution Preview Introduction: As a medical professor responsible for designing assignments for medical […]

Systems Approach Thinking and Management SWOT Analysis

Complete a SWOT Analysis of your organization. Use the SWOT Analysis Worksheet and complete the following steps: Complete a preliminary walk around the organization to scan the environment for strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, and potential threats (e.g., workflows, products, personnel, processes). Follow up with additional research that may provide clarity on elements that you are […]

Differences of Independent Dependent and Extraneous Variables Paper

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR WEEK 4 (D4T1) Compare independent variables, dependent variables, and extraneous variables. Describe two ways that researchers attempt to control extraneous variables. Support your answer with peer-reviewed articles. Requirements for the Discussion Post: Each post must be substantive and have two references to support what you are saying. At least one of these […]

Healthcare Moral Issues

1. This is a theoretical case taken from VHA Intensive Ethics Advisory Committee Training, 1998, as presented by Arthur R. Derse MD, JD. An 87-year-old woman widowed for six years, who is otherwise healthy, was visiting another city and abruptly became ill. She was seen in the emergency department of the local VA and admitted […]

Ohio University Week 4 Gender and Health Inequalities Essay

Societies give different cultural meanings to being male and being female. This gender differentiation functions as an organizing principle for communities. An example is the division of labor between men & women. This clear division is seen both in the homes and in the wider communities. “While the specific nature of gender relations varies among […]

BIO319 Grand Canyon Empirical Research Nutrition Article Analysis Paper

Find an article that pertains to nutrition and health from a current peer-reviewed scientific journal. The article must be an Empirical Research Article published within the last 2 preferably, but 5 years at most. See rubric for guidelines. Write a summary of the article (500-750 words) and discuss the significance of the information to you […]