Applying Psychological Science Paper

The assignment is: (1) to describe the theory and research presented in the scientific paper that is listed for your topic (2) to explain how that theory and research addresses the applied challenge, in other words, to explain how the psychological science (the theory and research in the paper) might help to solve the problem faced by the person with the applied challenge. The paper you write should be 3.5 – 4 pages in length, double-spaced. That would be the length in font size 12, 1-inch-margins; this would equate to about 1100 words of writing. In these 3.5-4 pages, you should be accomplishing the two asks above: (1) describe the theory and research presented in the scientific paper you read (answer questions such as: what is the main idea of the paper? What are the main research findings supporting this idea? What methods did the researcher use to support their findings?), and (2) explain how that theory and research can be applied to the applied problem (explain what the person facing the applied challenge might do differently if they knew about the theory and research in the paper). You should spend about an equal amount of space on each of the two tasks; your paper should have about 1.5-2 pages describing the theory and research that is presented in the relevant scientific paper, and about 1.5-2 pages explaining how the scientific information might be used to solve the applied problem.

Notes on the Readings: You do not have to do any additional outside reading for the paper, that is, you don’t have to read anything except for the one paper listed as the relevant scientific paper for the topic. Notes on writing style: For this paper, you should have little or no direct quotes from the paper. Unlike a writing style in the humanities, here in the social sciences, there is rarely any need at all to quote directly, word-for-word, from a paper you are reading. The text in your paper should be text written entirely by you. Below are the topics from which to choose in writing the paper, APSP#1. Environmental Attitudes and Behavior Suppose you work for an environmental organization, that is, a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting the environment from being degraded by pollution. You decide to launch an ad campaign in which you remind people that too many people are polluting the environment, and this has to stop. Unfortunately, your ad campaign doesn’t work. There is as much pollution after you show the ads as before. So you launch a new campaign in which you tell people that far, far, too many people, in huge numbers, are polluting the environment, and this absolutely has to stop! Unfortunately, this campaign backfires. There is even more pollution after you show the ads than there was before. You’ve got one last chance to devise a new ad campaign. What are you going to do?

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