Methods of Report Design and Retention

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Description Methods of Report Design and Retention Objective Explain how to design and generate reports Assignment Overview In this assignment, you will explore your knowledge of clinical decision support in HIM, to include: data retention and designing and generating reports. Deliverables A two-page (500-word) paper Step 1 Review article. Read and review the article, “The Five Rights of Clinical Decision Support After completion, refer to your lesson topics in record management to determine how this article would apply to data retention as well as to designing and generating reports. Step 2 Summarize findings. Answer the following questions in a two-page (500-word) paper: 1-What are the Five Rights of CDS? 2- Data retention mandates are governed by laws; the gathering of information to create and generate reports follows a protocol, as well. How do you think the CDS format correlates with these issues? Be sure to cite any additional resources used to write your paper, in the format requested by your instructor.

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