Show increase demand in hospital use of the paediatric population

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The title covers this well Purpose of this project is to show increase demand in hospital use of the paediatric population (0-18yrs) over the last 3 yrs in a local hospital (excel sheet) and national increase and national prediction and recommend national resource planning and try and show their has been increase in local demand and can we predict the demand for future resource planning the project report would start with 1. Literature review of the papers I have already identified summarising their methods and findings and to be used to answer the project questions 2. Summaries the Royal college of paediatrics finding on resource and the governments data (see uploads) using the 2030 resources and children who are ill tool 3. Look at local population growths (Children 0-18yrs) using the local data provided and show the increase, I attached the local census and information from the council regarding house building population increase 4. Look at the excel sheet which contains the increase admission for the local hospital and place this altogether I would like graphs/piecharts to show the data outcome should try and predict the increase in demand in the local area using all of the above as resources like the change growth in population

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