Integrated Liberal Studies

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 Each speech should present a thesis and argument in favor of its position, not a synopsis or overview of the topic. You may cite evidence from course material or other sources accessible from the UW library if wanted. Facts and figures from major news outlets are also acceptable but must be cited. All citations used in the speech must be listed in a bibliography. Finally, include a title to your speech that summarizes your thesis in a concise and/or witty manner. PROMPT — You must write an elevator pitch in favor of any position of your choice. The subject matter may relate to a prominent political or cultural issue or may be any topic of your choosing. The only condition is that your elevator pitch must make an argument for or against something. An elevator pitch is a short, powerful argument given under 2 minutes. It is not easy. ***Make sure you get right to the point and offer several compelling reasons to convince your audience. To make sure your argument sticks, conclude with a powerful and memorable line or phrase.***

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