Aspect of the geography of the Middle East

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Objective: Throughout a critical analysis, students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of one aspect of the geography of the Middle East. Students are also required to show an active engagement with the subject and be able to formulate an original perspective on it. Select a topic that interests you. Ask yourself: why is this important to understand the Middle East and its past and/or current situation? Why does it matter to me? How will it help me understand and appraise the geographic, social, cultural, and/or political context in the region? A good paper proceeds with an in-depth focused analysis rather than relying of generalities and a superficial overview. • Follow an essay format and make sure the paper includes an introduction (clearly indicating topic, thesis statement, and how you plan to structure your paper), a proper body, and a conclusion (reviewing and summarizing the arguments and evidence presented in the body) • When you quote or paraphrase other scholars, you MUST provide in-text references and a full list of work cited at the end • Quotations MUST be in quotation marks •

You are required to use at least 6 peer-reviewed journal’s articles (books’ chapters, commentaries, book reviews etc. will not be accepted) outside class readings Here is a non-exhaustive list of Peer-Reviewed Journals where students will be able to find useful articles:

The Middle East Journal International Journal of Middle East Studies British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies Middle Eastern Studies Arab Studies Quarterly Journal of Palestine Studies Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs Arab Studies Journal International Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies Israel Affairs Journal of Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication Middle East Quarterly Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies Journal of Arab Affairs

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