State and Local Agencies

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 State and Local Agencies For this discussion, you will consider and differentiate the role of state and local agencies within the context of homeland security objectives. First, identify and explain the contributions and strategic objectives of local law enforcement agencies within the context of homeland security. What are the most challenging aspects of coordinating state and local agencies with federal agencies? Why? Provide a specific example to illustrate your response. Reflect on the material in Chapter 6 of the Martin (2015) text on state and local factors within the context of homeland security. Second, and as a related item, analyze methods of the most effective state and local response systems in first responder contexts. Identify a strength and a limitation associated with a state and local response method of your choice. How could this method be improved? The content of the initial post must contain a minimum of two references to the assigned weekly reading materials. No quotations are permitted. Your posts should incorporate analytical and evidence-based statements and reflect a synthesis of the assigned readings. 

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