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Description PUERTO RICO – answer two of these three questions: 1. Do you recognize some of the photos presented in the power point images? Provide some information about three (3) of the photos based on your background knowledge and what you learned from reading about Puerto Rico. What do you think makes them valuable to the Caribbean culture and to people learning about this country? 2. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States and Puerto Ricans are U. S. citizens. How has this influenced the development of the country in terms of politics, geography, economy, culture, music, etc.? 3. There is a rich fusion of ethnic and cultural heritage present in Puerto Rico (the combination of the Taíno, Spanish, and African influence). Based on what you have learned in class and other Hispanic cultural symbols that are popular in the United States, can you make some cultural connections and/or comparisons between Puerto Rican culture and other countries in the Caribbean? Give a minimum of three (3) examples.


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