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The purpose of this assessment is to put theory to practice from the Organisational Dynamics and Behaviour by examining what contributes to real-life organisational dynamics through an OB lens and to increase your critical thinking and writing skills. Description: Essay 1500 words (Submit online using Turnitin) In brief essay form (Introduction, body and conclusion) you will choose and critically analyse 2 theories from the following list: Weiss and Cropanzano’s (1996) Affective Events theory LeDoux’s Model of Emotion Schacter and Singer’s (1962) Two Factor theory Lazarus’s (1982; 1991) Theory of Appraisal The critical analysis will involve the identification of the authors’: a) Aims: What the authors state what they already know about the research area before commencing their key study; What they don’t know about the area of research before they commenced their key study; How they are going to find out in order to contribute to their field of study (what is their methodology and methods?). b) The actual methods they use c) What their results were d) Identifying limitations d) What conclusions they drew from their findings You will format your essay with second level headings of: Aims, methods, results, limitations, and conclusions for each of the two studies/theories you choose to discuss. Assessment Task 1 will be assessed against the following criteria each criterion is equally weighted: Identification of points a (1, 2, 3, 4) from above for the author’s aims; Assessment of the author’s research methodology (quality of citations, surveys, qualitative interviews, acknowledgement of previous research by the author, supported or unsupported evidence) or if it is theoretical; Identifying what the limitations are; Clear written style (spelling, grammar, syntax etc.) and appropriate ACU academic style referencing (in-text and list of references, guidelines To obtain access to the seminal theories, it is recommended you use “Ebscohost web” or “Proquest” to obtain peer review articles.


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