Memory Span (Lab Report)

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Memory Span (Lab Report)

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1). Absolutely follow instruction, APA style, and grading rubric. 2). before you write, READ and Understand the content of [a]. powerpoint slides, [b].lab report sample, [c].grading rubric [d] a failing grade lab report sample. I provided you USERNAME and Password and Website, you suggest you do the lab by yourself once. Please carefully read instruction and learn from the lab. Class lecture PPTs are provided in case you need to include Professional Term/concept in the paper. For examples, Working memory, short-term memory, Stimuli, Miller’s theory of Memory span = 7 ± 2 items or chunks, etc. 3). You need to insert SPSS table [I will provide] & [the powerpoint slide & grading rubric has told you what are important to include. 4). 2 or 3 sources from professional psychological papers for lit review and others [see in the introduction in grading rubric] 5). other materials/ideas will be told you in the message zoom 6)Please stay in touch, I will be always here. If you feel uncomfortable to write, please quit. You can always ask me how to do when you get confused, and after completion, we will need to revise in short period of time.

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