Identify a Problem-problem statement

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An effective government requires both citizens and public administrators to communicate in a clear and succinct manner. The challenge of this assignment is to identify a problem and structure it as an issue requiring a decision. In other words, you will find a problem and give solutions to the problem. The assumption of general citizens is that problems are easily solved. In the process of coming up with a topic, you will find it rather easy to find a number of problems, but quickly realize that a solid solution might not be as effortless as some might assume. This assignment has two parts. The first part is a one-page statement of the problem, possible solutions and recommended solution (This portion should resemble an executive summary). You are required to ensure that all important and necessary information is clearly stated in the one-page summary. The second part is the subsequent evolution of the problem into an issue paper. For continuity, it is strongly recommended that (Poor Condition Street Roads) be used as the basis for the issue paper. The problem statement should be no more than one page in length and include a clear statement of the problem, at least three possible alternative solutions and a proposed solution. The one page length is designed to force the student to clearly define and articulate a problem and present it in a format conducive to immediate review. To successfully accomplish this task the student must reduce a complex problem to an essential paragraph, the possible solutions to another, and your recommendation to a third. This is not an easy task. In the over-worked offices of bureaucrats (public administrators), there are many cases where documents of over 100 pages will not be read beyond one page. The remaining portion of this assignment, the issue paper, is to be four to five pages in length, and include an introduction (different from the separate problem statement/ executive summary) and background on the issue and its importance, the primary actors involved and their positions on the issue, discussion of possible solutions or resolution, and a recommendation regarding solution or resolution. Obviously, you will have to complete the issue paper prior to completing the statement of the problem portion. All parts of the second assignment should be placed on ONE document.

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