How has Marx influenced so many people and nations over the years

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You can use any resources you want but you are required to list the references you have used for each question (at the end of each question). Use only your own words and do not borrow specific phrases from other resources. You can quote from other sources but when you do, cite the reference. Note that there is a page limit for each question. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR ANSWERS. you will be graded, in part, on the professionalism of your writing. This includes proper grammar and spelling. Please proofread your assignment for these items before submitting. You must use an accepted citation format throughout your exam. For example, this can be parenthetical citations or footnotes. It does not matter if you chose to follow Chicago, MLA, or APA standard for your sources, but you must have them professionally formatted and cited (i.e., do NOT simply copy a hyperlink).

Each exam question should include a combination of your own critical thinking as well as support from outside sources. These outside sources should include other articles, as well as statistics or figures to support your personal thoughts and views. Please use consistent formatting throughout your exam across the questions (i.e., same font, font size, and spacing.

QUESTION 1: Why/How has Marx influenced so many people and nations over the years? Which of his ideas have merit? Why was he generally wrong? (Three page limit)

QUESTION 2: Recently it was announced that BB&T and SunTrust will merge in the next year. The new bank (not yet named) will become the sixth largest bank in America. Do you favor this merger? What are the pros and cons of such a merger? Do you believe this is the beginning of more consolidation in the banking industry? (Three page limit)

QUESTION 3: Describe the current state of the U.S. economy using any six economic indicators. State the latest reading (number) for each indicator and explain what it means. (Three page limit) QUESTION 4: The United States has a very large Balance of Trade Deficit with the world (meaning we import more than we export). Our trade imbalance is around $50 billion per month. It improved from $55 billion to $49 billion in over the past two months. Is the Balance of Trade Deficit a negative for the United States? When the deficit grows, is it a bad thing? Explain. (Two page limit)

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