Ethical decision making about using spirituality in practice

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Complete one of the Spiritual Exercises from the list below:


9.1 Ethical decision making about using spirituality in practice

9.2 Cultural and political issues in cross-tradition exchange of spiritual practices

9.3 Developing a transcultural team for spiritual diversity innovation

9.4 Creating a profile and resource directory of spiritual diversity in the community

9.5 Evaluating relations with clergy and religiously affiliated organizations

Chapter 10

10.1 Social work as transformational practice

10.2 Basic meditation related practices

10.3 Deep relaxation exercise







3 full pages

Includes APA headings/subheadings appropriately

12 pt font, 1” margins

Word or Word-compatible document

Title/# of selected spiritual exercise clearly stated on APA title page or in document title

Course concept appropriately referenced (in-text citation, reference item)

3 pts


Clearly follows all instructions as stated in textbook

Responses to exercise are thorough, thoughtful

Connects to at least 1 specific course concept

7 pts



10 PTS


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