Early Pig Domestication from Anatolia

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The most important instruction is that the paper is directly related to zooarchaeology. (Zooarchaeology/Faunal Archaeo-Osteology, is the branch of archaeology that studies faunal remains related to ancient people. Faunal remains are the items left behind when an animal dies, example: bone remains) You can find a lot of zooarchaeological sources about early pig domestication from Anatolia, and it’s subsequent spread. Make sure to base your primary arguments on zooarchaeological and other archaeological evidence. Papers should be typed, with space and a half (1.5) line spacing. You must have a title page, and your name should appear clearly on all pages. Keep in mind that you are expected to follow the rules of good writing; your goal is to clearly communicate your ideas to others, so be concise and to the point. ALL sources must be provided (citations) for this material. Students are required to use American Antiquity style for in-text referencing and bibliographic format in the References Cited section. All sources must be good quality academic research, preferably book chapters or journal articles. You cannot use popular books or textbooks. Essentially all sentences are expected to have in-text citations (unless it is an original thought).

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