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Prompt: One song from a list that will be provided after the 1st paper is due will be examined in detail. The song must be from the provided list. The paper should be no shorter than 5 pages (excluding bibliography) and the bibliography must include at least 2 other songs that are referenced and 3 supporting source texts with proper references and citations. Provided song list: A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It ? Wu Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck Nas – New York State of Mind Lil’ Kim – Queen Bitch Clipse – Grindin’ Missy Elliot – The Rain Geto Boys – Mind of a Lunatic Juvenile – Ha Some questions that can help you write: What does its location mean ? -Use texts about the environment from which the song was created -Compare to other songs that are located in the same space, physical or Philisophical. What does the music mean ? – Look for “Signifyin(g)” in the music – Are samples or interpolations used and what do they mean ? – Is the music similar to another piece of music. What do the lyrics mean ? – Look for “Signifyin(g) – Is there anything encoded in the lyrics ? – Does the delivery of the MC bear any meaning.


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