Leadership and Governance: Reflective Journal

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Reflective journal of 2000 words + 750 words for 10 weekly journals Word format only (no Pages, pdf etc) 2. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. The key components are: key learning points; critical self-reflection; future development needs, with a choice of several sub-topics to write about (details below).

2. Ten key learning points (TCFs, see below) are required to be covered. These may include any of the points you covered in Assessment 1. They do not have to cover the TCFs mentioned in the statements submitted in the Journal area. 3. You are given time in every seminar to write your reflective statement(s) for that week. But feel free to write about the seminar or the lecture or both at any time soon after the session. 4. You must submit at least ten reflective statements in total in the Journals area on Bb by the end of week 8 in the spring semester. You will lose marks if you submit fewer than 10 statements.

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