Hip Hop or Rap Music

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 Hip Hop or Rap Music, first-hand. Demonstrates understanding of the course-related topic by writing a Two (2) to Three (3) page paper in APA format (add a Title Page and a Reference Page: 4-5 Pages Total). Summarize information about the concert/performance and present personal thoughts, opinions, insights, and a critique of the live event. In a Google Search, you could also look for topics like…”articles about Kool Herc” “Articles about…” Not the life story of… You may use some biographical information, but the article reviews are not biographies. Find articles with a specific point of view. A general history of Hip Hop or Rap music is not a focused topic for this assignment.Look for a Hip Hop or Rap related topic that you might be interested in, aligned with a subject from the text, currently or future readings. Make sure it is relevant and discusses something about Hip Hop or Rap music. Use musical terminology, quote sparingly and appropriately, and properly cite the resource.”…write two (2) to three (3) page papers in APA format, .doc or .docx files. (Four (4) to five (5) total pages when including a title page and a reference page). “

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