In this pandemic, our country is faced with much ethnic/racial/political

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In this pandemic, our country is faced with much ethnic/racial/political unrest. The wailing for fairness in justice and healthcare is blatant. There is clear uncertainty regarding our value for  human life, for some Americans struggle to believe that their lives really matter.  As caring nurses in our College, please speak to the areas below using at least one class material and one outside relevant source as desired ( note that two supports are required).

1) How can you be supportive to someone who is different (like: looks, accent, SES, religious/ sexual/ or political persuasion) from you? (5 points)

2)Do you think as a country, we are prepared to embrace individual differences? (5 points)

3) What do you think we need in order to welcome diversity and be inclusive? (5 points) What empirical evidence supports your position? 

This is really a cultural sensitivity/insensitivity discussion.  Your beliefs will not be held against you. So feel free to “keep it real.” However this is NOT a political discussion. In order to get full points, you will need to do more than a few sentences in answering these questions. There are no right or wrong answers, but it needs to be a discussion of your response to the questions.  1-2 pages would be appropriate.

Provide 2 sources/references (2,5 points).

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