What is the highest risk, lowest frequency type of incident

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What is the highest risk, lowest frequency type of incident you could potentially respond to in your jurisdiction? What have you and your department done to prepare for this type of incident? What could be done to prepare even more?

In your response to a classmate’s post, add additional training options or recommendations on how to reduce risk in their high risk/low frequency incident. Do you have experience dealing with their challenge?


In the District that I Volunteer at, we have a small airport that used to be a smokejumpers base, now it has private hangers, I would say that an airplane crash would be the lowest frequency call and high risk, we have had one but not while I’ve been there. during the summer we usually have wildfires in our area so when the Helicopters use this as a base, we get the contract for airport crash rescue. this is about the most exposed to this as I’ve had, we should do training on it more, however, in case one goes down in the middle of town we should have a plan. another one could be a hazmat situation, we have lots of rivers and creeks that a hazmat situation could spill into, we do train on hazmat a couple of times a year.

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