Click here to watch the Show Work tutorial video if

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Click here to watch the Show Work tutorial video if you have not already done so. You may access a copy of the transcript by clicking on this link. Next, (i) share with the class how you showed your work on your Unit I Assessment. (ii) What were your challenges, and (iii) how did you overcome those challenges? (iv) Do you have any advice to help your classmates use this window? Discuss how you posted math answers and not the hardness of the math problems.


Michael T:

I chose to write it out with the pencil button using my mouse. I do not recommend doing that because that itself is challenging. At first I tried to upload a picture of my problem, I also write out every problem, but it kept saying it had to be in a seperate format and wouldn’t accept the picture. I tried changing it to a pdf and it still wouldn’t work. I tried to type it out but I’m still trying to understand everything that deals with this class and online school that it hasn’t been easy. Any advice on how to upload the picture would be great!

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