You have just graduated from Capella University’s MS in Human

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You have just graduated from Capella University’s MS in Human Resource Management program and are the director of HR at CapraTek. Your organization’s success is actually having some unintended consequences for the board of directors, as the company’s new reusable materials have now been purchased by NASA and many other private firms. The CEO is worried about the future of the organization. He is concerned he may lose employees, including senior scientists, and he does not know how to prevent it. You are ready to make a major change to address the future needs of the organization, and you have a great deal of leeway regarding how to approach this situation. Respond to the following:

  • How can you use the Human Capital to Human Resources Strategy Model in this CapraTek scenario? What elements of the model will you use?
  • Consider the reactions of current employees and leadership in your response. Provide depth and detail for your approach in handling this human capital management situation.

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