Instructions Review the phase 1 document attached on the organization:

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  1. Review the phase 1 document attached on the organization: Oracle Corporation
  2. Phase 2 of Final Project: Provide a comprehensive mitigation strategy based on the threat analysis done as part of phase 1 (find the phase 1 document in attachments)
  3. Conduct Internet research for formats that are used for developing and categorizing a security mitigation strategy on organization: oracle corporation.
    1. Include a short executive summary for this assignment, which you will revise later for use in the final paper.
    2. The mitigation strategy should be approximately 5 pages in length, in APA format, and double-spaced for the narrative.
    3. You may use tables or other graphic representations; however, these additions to the paper should not be included in the page count.
    4. The paper should include references to any material used in preparing the paper. You should use online resources to develop your plans; just make sure to cite these sources. All written work should be your own and unique.

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