The discussion consists of 3 parts. 1: Based on our

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The discussion consists of 3 parts. 

1: Based on our readings and videos, in a short essay (~300 words), discuss how the relationship between Natives and the American Government changed between 1800 and 1850.  What caused these changes?  What were the consequences?  Post your essay as a reply.  (up to 100 points).

2: Reply to at least 3 other students’ essays (ideally essays that other students haven’t yet commented on) offering constructive criticism on their response.  Negative critiques will not be tolerated.  (Up to 75 points/25 each).

3: Reply to the critiques of your response.  (Up to 75 points).

The discussion closes on June 13.  It is to your – and your classmates’ – advantage not to put this off until the last moment.

Please ask if you have questions.

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