Need advice for project management Assignment 1 Materials Instructions This

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Need advice for project management


  • Assignment 1 Materials
    This first assignment comprises a set of individual tasks.  In other words, you need to complete these elements of the assignment as your own work. 

    To do this task take the following steps within the recommended timeframes:

    1. Carefully read and understand the information provided in the ‘Assignment 1 – Information Sheet’.  While doing this, review the videos provided at the links and understand the key terms.  If possible do this during Topic Week 1.
    2. After reading the ‘Assignment 1 – Information Sheet’, carefully read and understand the ‘EduStream Technical Architecture Overview’ document.  While completing Steps 1 and 2, fill in Section 5 of the Project Charter (PC).  These activities should ideally be completed during Topic Week 1.
    3. Complete the Weighted Analysis and NPV, Payback and ROI calculation in the Project Assessment Workbook during the Topic 2 week.  Follow the instructions provided on the ‘Read Me First – Instructions’ worksheet in this workbook, which explains how to complete these tasks quickly and effectively.  Additionally, if you have not already completed Steps 1 and 2, complete these activities during Topic Week 2.
    4. Work on your Project Charter during Topic Week 3 and complete the draft of Sections 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2 and 4 during this week.
    5. Start developing your WBS using the instructions provided in the ‘Assignment 1 – How to Develop your WBS’ document and the advice given in the Topic 3 Workshop and associated Assistance Workshop.  By the end of this week, you need to have inserted the task listing into your WBS.
    6. Finalise the drafting of Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5 of your Project Management Plan, during Topic Week 4 and Week 5.  
    7. Include the predecessors and timings for your WBS during Weeks 4 and 5, by applying the techniques explained in the ‘How to Develop your WBS’, the Topic 4 Workshop.
    8. Carefully proofread all of your materials, so they can be developed to meet industry standards.
    9. Upload the finalised documents into the LMS as specified in the ‘Assignment 1 – Information Sheet’.
  • Assignment 1 – InstructionsFileThis contains the scenario information for Assignment 1.  You need to fully read and understand this.  Additionally, make sure that you read and apply the conventions listed in this document.
  • EduStream Techical Architecture OverviewFileThis is a short description of the proposed EduStream technical architecture.
  • Assignment 1 – Project Charter TemplateFileUse this template to develop your Project Charter for Assignment 1.  Instructions on developing the template are provided within the document.
  • Assignment 1 – Project Assessment WorkbookFileUse this workbook to complete the Project Financial Analysis and Contractor Weighted Analysis for Assignment 1.  This also contains some other formulas that may be of assistance to you.  Make sure that you read and follow the instructions provided on the ‘Read Me First – Instructions’ worksheet.
  • Assignment 1 – Project Management Plan TemplateFileUse this template to build your Project Management Plan for Assignment 1.  Instructions for filling out the template are provided within this document.
  • Assignment1-How to Develop Your WBSFileThis guide explains the steps that you need to take to quickly and effectively develop your WBS for Assignment 1.

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