For your final assignment you will write an Abstract which

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For your final assignment you will  write an Abstract which is a single paragraph where you provide a brief overview of your proposal, including your hypothesis, major literature review findings, your study design (research method) and findings you think you will obtain. To that last point, you will also write up a Discussion section where you will speculate about the results you would get if you were to actually run this study and why you would anticipate these results. Also, you would comment on what these results would mean for the field of psychology and future research. As always, maintain appropriate APA format throughout your proposal. So, taking all together this would be the format of your final Research Proposal:



Literature Review / Introduction

Method Section



The Effects of Loosing a Parent to Substance Use Disorder has a Greater Impact on Child Growing up than Growing up with a Parent who Struggles with a Substance Use Disorder.

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