Create a pamphlet (a trifold) that includes information, images, quotes

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Create a pamphlet (a trifold) that includes information, images, quotes etc. about sexual violence and rape culture within colleges and universities.  You might focus on these larger topics; you might focus on specific areas of discussion such as Title IX, athletics, Greek Life, or party culture. Or you can focus on a specific school, example, or issue.  The options are endless so long as it connects directly to this lesson’s area of focus

The pamphlet should highlight issues of sexual violence and rape culture within colleges and universities, educating the viewer about the issue, offering specifics, details, and insights to further the knowledge and understanding about the subject at hand.  It is your opportunity to teach and educate those outside the classroom about these issues, about what you learned (or knowledge connected to our class) challenging them to engage in these critical conversations.  The key is to highlight these issues, and to do so primarily through images, quotes, statistics.  The challenge is to bring this part of the course, its readings/film, and the issues discussed in/related to class to life in a pamphlet.  The challenge is to make visible these issues in a medium that doesn’t allow for a lot of text.  Be creative.  Point to things they can do with this information. 

A successful project in 10 steps

  1. Prepare and plan to be successful
  2. Find a focus.  I am going to do a pamphlet on ____ (topic).  
  3. CONDUCT RESEARCH; utilize outside       sources AND course sources
  4. Find images, key facts, quotes,       information, that allow you to tell your story
  6. Reflect and then decide how you will present this information.  Think creatively
  7. Make sure you project educates a person, encouraging them to learn about the issue, theme, concept, etc.
  10. Submit on ______

Grading breakdown is as follows:

  1. 9 points – Quality of pamphlet,       chosen issue(s), connection to course materials, how is it expressed,
  2. 5 points – Incorporation of both       course materials and outside research
  3. 3 points – Creativity and clarity       of presentation

for a possible total of seventeen (17) points.

Look here for template, resources, and help in creating:;;;

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