Chapter 10: Questions for Discussion #1 through #2 Based upon

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 Chapter 10: Questions for Discussion #1 through #2

  • Based upon the current state of the art of robotics applications, which industries are most likely to embrace robotics? Why?
  • Watch the following two videos: and for a different view on impact of AI on future jobs. What are your takeaways from these videos? What is the more likely scenario in your view? How can you prepare for the day when humans indeed may not need to apply for many jobs?

Chapter 10: Exercise #1 and #7

  • Identify applications other than those discussed in this chapter where Pepper is being used for commercial and personal purposes.
  • Conduct research to identify the most recent developments in self-driving cars.

Chapter 11: Questions for Discussion #1 through #4

  • Explain why it is useful to describe group work in terms of the time/place framework.
  • Describe the kinds of support that groupware can provide to decision makers.
  • Explain why most groupware is deployed today over the Web.
  • Explain in what ways physical meetings can be inefficient. Explain how technology can make meetings more effective.

Chapter 11: Exercise #4

  • Compare Simon’s four-phase decision-making model to the steps in using GDSS.

Important Note:  In cases if any websites or links do not work, select another respective exercise of choice to replace. ????When submitting work, be sure to include an APA cover page and include at least two APA formatted references (and APA in-text citations) to support the work this week.  Below is the general assessment rubric for this assignment and remember that late penalties are built within the overall assessment so complete this assignment by the Sunday due date of week 6.Important Note:  When I see similarity indexes over 20%, I will review the similarity report to determine if points are going to be docked for plagiarism issues and as a tip, do not include or write the actual questions or exercise directions within these papers.  In other words, all work must be original and not copied from any source and very high similarity indexes will be reported to the University.Assessment CriteriaPossible PointsPoints EarnedChapter 10: Questions for Discussion #1 through #25 Chapter 10: Exercise #1 and #710 Chapter 11: Questions for Discussion #1 through #45 Chapter 11: Exercise #410 A minimum of two sources of research is used10 Student included a paper professionally formatted using APA and free of grammar and spelling issues5 Student successfully completed and successfully submitted this paper by the Sunday due date.5 Grade Adjustments (High Similarity Indexes Over 20%)  Total Earned points50 Comments:  

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