Cause and Effect Academic Essay – Your writing must be

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Cause and Effect Academic Essay

– Your writing must be fully referenced in APA format: Font format: Times New Roman/ Font Size:12/ Double spaced.

– You need three references (Journal articles, books, etc.) related to the topic you choose. You should demonstrate the ability of using the source material, paraphrase them, and use them accordingly when expanding your paragraphs.

– Your writing must include proper in-text citation and reference section.

– The length of your writing should not exceed 1000 words (excluding reference)

N.B. All the material pertinent to APA, citation, and referencing that we have covered so far will help you stay on the right track.

topic: what are the effect of mobile phone usage in the classroom and institutes?

Note: It is essential that you choose three ‘journal articles’ that are related to the topic you have chosen. Then by reading those articles you start forming your opinion, paraphrase some important parts that could support the main causes or effects, and include them in your own writing. Again, remember to include title page (first page), appropriate in-text citation (within the text), and reference listing (at the end).

Referring to page 125 on Oxford EAP textbook this week, we will discover cause-effect essay more in depth. Task 5 on page 128 gives you a schematic overview of what you need to do, and there is a great sample on page 218 that we will analyze.

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