Purpose: This checklist will help you to Critically reflect on

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This checklist will help you to

  • Critically reflect on your progress so far.
  • Evaluate your own progress based on the rubric for the class.
  • Review your paper for APA requirements and course requirements.


  • For this assignment, download the attached file.
  • Answer each of the first three questions carefully, using feedback you received when appropriate. Ensure each response is 100+ words.
  • Evaluate your essay using the rubric. Where do you fall (i.e. “mastery”, “proficiency”, etc.) and why? What will you do before the paper is due in order to move higher in the rubric?
  • Answer the 23 yes/no questions on formatting and course requirements.
  • To submit, click on the title, “Week 4 Assignment: Final Paper Checklist.”

Criteria for Success:

  • Short Paragraph Responses (60%) – Complete each of the questions to the best of your ability. Reflect on feedback you’ve received and how you’ve overcome challenges (20% for each question, 100+ words for each question). Below this will result in prorated grades (i.e. 50 words = 50% of possible grade).
  • Evaluating Your Paper Using the Rubric (40%) – Critically assess yourself using the rubric. There is no word count to this, but you should note 1) what level you are, 2) why you evaluate that area of your paper that way, and 3) what you will do to improve in each category (i.e. “Develops an appropriate and organized research topic through all stages of the writing process”, etc.). Consider addressing each of these questions in each area of the rubric as worth two to three points.

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